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Custom Equipment

Providing a wide range of modular equipment for simple installation.

One of The Largest Micro Motion Stocking Distributors In The Southeast

No one understands the importance of meter performance like us.

On Site Service

We are interested in meeting the needs of our customers, not simply selling them system components.

Modular Pump Packages

Custom "turn-key" pumping equipment.

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Equipment Provider

Single source provider for liquid application equipment including metering, storage, pumping and instrumentation. 

Custom and modular solutions available for easy installation.

Field Service/Support

LSI is recognized for promptly addressing issues and providing unparalleled industrial field service and support.  If you are tired of leaving voice mails and receiving replacement parts with minimal technical support, call LSI at 864.967.4567.

Custom and Innovative Solutions

LSI is a systems integrator not just a company selling off of the shelf pumps and meters. 

When you call LSI you will not speak to a salesman, you will speak to a knowledgeable expert that has years of experience with liquid application equipment.

We realize that your solution may be unique and we strive to provide options that exceed expectations.  This attitude has served us well for over 25 years.

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Process/Inventory Monitoring

There are diverse solutions for remote monitoring and we have partnered with TankLink for web based access to tank inventory.  Their equipment is 100% configurable over the internet and has proven to be a reliable, cost effective solution.

We use the TankLink Prophet and Foresight provide detailed tank information online as well as inventory history and to send email notifications. Below are pictures of the prophet and foresight.

This battery powered unit is simple to install and is very reliable.  This is available with in either an ultrasonic or submersible pressure versions.  There is also a version available that connects directly to your existing sensor allowing web based monitoring.

This AC powered unit can measure up to 4 tanks, 2 of which display real time tank readings.  It has a scrolling LCD display and the "unused tanks" are hidden.

LSI also provides local level displays and custom equipment to address a wide variety of applications including our PLC-PC solution for free, web based, unlimited, real time readings for up to 150 tanks or silos per site.

Contact us so we can provide the equipment that meets your specific needs.
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